Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chickens? At Willard?

Did you know there are chickens at Willard?  I didn't. Yup.  Chickens.  Ask your child about them.  They chuck, they run around and they sit on the kids' laps.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

He's More Than Your Average Ultimate Frisbee Coach

Send Your Letter To The School Council

The Berkeley School Council will decide on a district-wide gardening and cooking proposal before their May 8th meeting.  Let the School Council know that Willard supports the gardening and cooking program.  Personalize if you can.  When you add your name to the letter, please include that you are from Willard.

Get Involved And Save Our Garden

Please read this post.  
It's not long and we need everyone's help to save the program.

Because of changes in the federal funding structure, Willard and most schools in Berkeley (except King, which has funding from Edible Schoolyard) are losing funding for the garden/cooking programs for next year.  For years, Berkeley has led the charge in changing how kids eat – via the school gardens, cooking classes and school lunches.  These programs have national impact, making gardening and cooking a vital part of hands on science learning and encouraging kids to expand their culinary habits (like tasting and liking radishes).